Frequently Asked Question's

•          What are your current hours?

We are going out of business! We intend to be here in the store throughout July. We will have a very limited menu - we'll serve

food until we run out of product. We plan to sell most everything in the restaurant, we'll probably have a 'store' set up by next week - July 11-ish.

•          Are you open for dine-in?

Yes! Order from the counter and pick a table for dine in, or take it home with you.

•          What's on our menu these days?

We will be serving a very limited menu this week - July 6 thru 10 (???) - until we run out of product.

•          Where can I find your up-to-date menu?

You can find our menu on our Website or Facebook page.

•          What does vegan mean?

We only serve food that has no connection to animals - our food is all plant based with no meat of any kind, dairy, eggs or honey used. Any "meat" or "cheese" items on the menu use plant-based alternatives, most of them made in house. Common meat alternatives are seitan (wheat based), tofu (soybean), and Beyond Meat (a popular commercial faux meat product). Common cheese alternatives are our house-made raw cashew Chèvre and/or house-made almond milk mozzarella. 

  •      When are juices available?

We'll be doing a fresh juice this week - July 6 - 10 (???) until we run out of product.

•          How can I place an order?

You can come in to place your order, or for take-out you can call 217-552-1344.

•          How about Merchandise?

We still have some merchandise. Come into the store to see what we have left.

•          What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash and Card payments – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We DO NOT have Apple Pay and we DO NOT accept checks.