Vegan Deep Dish Pizza

Have you ever thought a vegan deep-dish pizza could rock your world or even exist? Every week we serve a made-from-scratch triple threat of "buttery" crust, classic tomato sauce, cashew chevre cheeze and almond "mozzarella" cheeze.  Saturdays after 5pm only.  Limited supply. (New special almost every week, "caprese" special pictured above.)

Vegan Delicacies 

All made in house from scratch, and are gaining quite the reputation! Call us for availability, or stop in to see any of our: Baked Goods, Pastries, 
Desserts, Packaged Yogurt, Packaged Ketchup, Packaged Cheezes.  We also do custom ordering!


Feautured and interviewed in the 2019-2020 

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